Could be- Andreia Alfama/Edmonton/Canadá

20 days and I don’t know what pace this is
Could you ever take me. You could be
my pearl king. I could be your diamond queen
You could be my new desire. Friends on fire
Hold me like you mean it. Take me away sun ray
Show me what it takes. To play in the flames
Melting like ice on a summer day
Kiss me, take me all the way. I don’t want a facade.
I don’t want a show. I just want to know.
What’s going on, on that head of yours
I could be the one who saves you from a long day
Come, you know I’m fun to play
You could be my live’s best part
Just open the door the mind the heart
I’ll be right there. Do more than care

Poema de Andreia Alfama/Edmonton/Canadá - Em Destaque na 44a. Revista Ponto & Vírgula - Bimestre março/abril - Pág. 13